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  • New Loyalty Stamp Card

    New Customizable shake discount We’re launching a new loyalty card again guys! As you’ve noticed, we periodically change our front image, and this time we’re doing something more interactive and personal with our members. On the front, you will see a blank milkshake cup; what you need to do is write in with a pen/marker […]

  • 7 Best Quick Eats at Jurong Point Shopping Mall

    Are you a westie who always goes to Jurong Point after school, or passes by after work? If you’re wondering what quick snacks to eat in this huge massive Jurong Point mall, look no further. Jurong Point is divided into 2 distinct buildings, and we’re here to help direct you to these quick and fast […]

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“If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on? — Makeshake” @Elfi360
“You are allowed one beverage for the rest of your life. What would you choose? — makeshake” @Rockerweirdo1
“if a makeshake opens in my hse I will never nid to go out the hse.” @happiemarshmalo
“Make shake was actually awesome” @aymejayn
“so that was my 25th makeshake. lol i counted yo.” @Suhaila_Razak
“At Makeshake again with these biatches.. xD #Makeshake@_Huuixin

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